Alexander Wingård - CV

I enjoy writing programs that put a smile on your face. Whether its visually beautiful, delightfully easy to modify or a surprising combination of technologies.

I prefer high level declarative programming environments and have a special fondness of functional programming.

Work Experience


Main responsibility has been to develop the platform that helps developers write distributed, scalable and resilient applications.

This is a collection of systems and design patterns on top of Erlang supporting hundreds of programmers working simultaneously on this product providing support for state-management, load-balancing, resilience and much more.

Other Projects:

Cloud Migration

Incremental migration of a large product into cloud-native architecture.

The system was originally designed for running on specialized hardware and operating systems and we first migrated it into running on Docker with a generic OS.

Then gradually migrated it to fit better into the Kubernetes ecosystem and packaging it into Helm charts making adaptations for running in the cloud.


Data visualization tool focusing on fast paced interactive data analysis.

Been the mentor and co-developer with various students that over the years developed this tool.

GUI tool focused on navigating trough large amount of timeseries data providing utilities for exploration and aggregation.

Scala is an interesting programming language pushing the boundaries regarding functional programming and object oriented design.


Small microservice exploring what it means to develop in a cloud-native way.

This project was used to drive and improve the way of working around developing microservices. Lots of focus on devops pipeline.

Implementation was written entirely in collaboration with an agile-coach using Test Driven Development from the start.


Multi-host orchestrator for interactive developer environment with declarative interface.

Allowing each developer to have their own customizable cloud sandbox with tools to automate common tasks operating the product.

Very concise and approachable code-base that inspired many others to contribute.


Alternative UI to a test-result portal providing better user experience and visualizations.

By reorganizing test-result data in a huge SQL database I could develop a web interface that could provide aggregate insights and visualizations in a fraction of the usual time and also provide interesting visualizations.

Elixir is a very nice language running on top of the Erlang VM.

Agile Workflow

Designed an alternative to scrum that our team has used for many years.

After experiencing the text-book agile transformation after a while we noticed that scrum was not really working optimally for our team.

Inspired by Getting Things Done I designed a new task management system and sprint process for our team that is more suitable for daily changing priorities.

Personal Projects

Swedish Law Visualization

Art piece visualizing swedish law paragraphs in a 3d graph.

Extracted cross references between paragraphs from the book of law and plotted it in a 3d graph that made it look like a galaxy of stars.

A flyby trough this universe was displayed in a huge projection at an art exhibit around law and technology.

Parking Timer App

iPhone app that keeps track of the rules for residential parking.

Used public data to set reminding alerts based on the rules around residential parking in the city.

Started with Objective-C right before ARC was introduced and got to experience first hand how wonderful it was.

Bank of Charlie

Conceptual React application where front-end state is synced across clients.

Reagent is a Clojure wrapper around react. Inspied by the databinding model of React I experimented with taking this idea further by keeping the front-end state on the server instead and syncronizing it across client using websockets.

HDK B&D Collaboration

Collaboration with design students graduation exhibition. Interactive projection-mapping installation.

Made friends during their internship and had a great collaboration and exchange of knowledge. Learnt a lot about design thinking and experience design.

Projector and camera looking at a table overlaying video on tracked objects that visitors could move around.

Aquarium Pump

Programmable dosing pump firmware written in C++ and ESP-IDF framework and frontend in Clojurescript with visualizations.

I keep a coral reef aquarium that requires precise dosing of supplements during the day via peristaltic pumps.

Dual core microcontroller with scheduler separation between wifi and websocket logic and pump control.

Web GUI to calibrate and configure the pumps and also visualize metrics.

Minecraft Plugin

Minecraft plugin based on Bukkit API implementing custom commands for my son and his friends.

Developing in Java against this API was a really pleasant encounter with object oriented design being well implemented.


IT-University of Gothenburg

Software Engineering and Management Bachelor

Really well designed program teaching industry relevant skills both technically and methodically.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

MSE IT program first year

Realized quite quickly that the programming they taught were too low level for my taste.